Artist’s statement

As far back as he can remember, Thomas W. has always been sketching, drawing, painting, to express himself and his surroundings.

From watercolour to acrylic today, enhanced with pastel, ink and pencil, he creates abstract – sometimes figurative-abstract – works of very different sizes. The support also varies, although paper has become his favourite playground, as it can be twisted and torn, revealing a complex working process.

Above all, Thomas W. wants to explore the endless possibilities of playing with textures and layers to create expressive, complex and evolving pieces. That is exactly why he loves and creates abstract art: its lifespan is virtually infinite, because there are always new elements, new meanings to be discovered, over and over again!

Originally from Switzerland, he lived in Australia from 2016 to 2020, a country whose environment deeply inspired him, resulting in several exhibitions. Back in his native country, he is continuing his artistic journey between rigour and spontaneity, to create a work full of emotion.



November 17 - 29: 'HORIZON DEBOUT', with Anne Jullien (photography), ARVA, Vevey, Switzerland
August 08 - September 09: 'Variations on a theme: puzzle print, splash & scratch', Bel Univers, Vevey, Switzerland
July 22 - August 02: Group show 'EAU', ARVA, Vevey, Switzerland
March 01 - 31: 'Fragments/Distorsions', Physio Riviera, Vevey, Switzerland


November 01 - 29: Solo show 'Tiny Colourful Distortions', The Alley, Enmore, Sydney, Australia
August 10 - October 5: Group show 'Primavera Line', The New Artisans Gallery, Milsons Point, Sydney, Australia
July 01 - 27: Solo show 'Fragments of Reality', Yuga Gallery, Glebe, Sydney, Australia


Luxembourg Art Prize: official certificate in 2019 and 2022