Bernd Heinrich : Playground
Manly Art Gallery & Museum, Sydney

This was not my first encounter with Bernd Heinrich’s art, I saw it here and there, in several group shows. And every time, I would stop in front of his work and stare at all the details, the moving colours, the calm energy radiating from his paintings.

When I saw on my “Gallery and Museum list” that a full Bernd Heinrich exhibition was showing in one of my favourite art places in Sydney, the Manly Art Gallery & Museum, I naturally took the ferry to go there. Continue reading

Andy Devine and Peter Tilley : Black Harvest
Manly Art Gallery & Museum, Sydney

On August 28th, I took the ferry from Circular Quay, heading north, in order to visit for the first time the Manly Art Gallery & Museum. The house at the beach hosted several exhibitions; I thoroughly took a look at every artwork and was about to leave the museum, a little tired, when I saw a door that I had not noticed before, and behind it an amazing exhibition called Black Harvest. Continue reading

Gabriella Possum : From the sand to the sails
Kate Owen Gallery, Sydney

After having been to a few guided tours of Aboriginal art in several museums, I was keen on discovering more, because I could sense that it was something completely different to explore, fascinating both in the meaning and the technique. That’s why, on May 28th, I rushed up to the exhibition From the sand to the sails, at the Kate Owen Gallery, in Sydney. Continue reading