Loris Liberatori : The Water of Life
Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Sydney

As I was walking along York Street, Sydney, on June 3rd, I suddenly remembered that there was an exhibition at the Italian Culture Institute, called The Water of Life. I entered then the building, climbed the stairs (there are still some!) and got into the Institute. The paintings were distributed in different small rooms, with bookshelves along the brick walls. Quite a beautiful place, with a kind of a genuine vintage look, something unfortunately not common down here…

On these walls were bunches of paintings, close to each other, this puzzle creating a bigger and powerful image of a wave. Like many point of views, many windows that give onto a huge landscape, all of them desperately trying to catch it, but unable to seize its wildness. Really interesting idea!


I found the wave motif fascinating because it borders on abstract art, allowing a strong expressivity and freedom in its achievement. Art is about emotion, for the audience but also for the artist and Loris Liberatori’s paintings exemplify this statement pretty well. With a closer look, the paintings showed indeed a “wave-like” technique, full of energy, foam and rage. Amazing!