Colin Pennock : Intrusion
Arthouse Gallery, Sydney

The newly opened exhibition of Colin Pennock’s works at the Arthouse Gallery was a great discovery for me.

I have been highly impressed by the various dimensions these paintings contain. When you look closely, you feel a real tension between highly diluted, watercolour-like delicate zones and thick, textured, with a palette knife spread paint.

From further away, looking at the whole work, the colours appear soft, in pastel tones, from pale blue to skin-coloured tones, underlined by some deeper black/blue/green areas, but always in gentle, nature-related colours.

And yet from even more distance, a powerful movement runs through each painting, sometimes like a way, a hole that draws you in, or a wave that leads you to a shore. I could really feel a huge but contained, bright and positive flow of energy coming out of these big paintings, both soothing and fascinating, bravo!